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Metallic Foil Bookmark Printing

  • Metallic bookmark printing for your bookstagram followers, fans, or Etsy shoppers
  • Add as much or as little foil to your foiled bookmarks as you need, with double-sided foiling available
  • Make your bookmarks wholly unique by teaming up with a member of our in-house design team

For a true reader, there’s no better gift than a perfectly paired bookmark. Whether you’re an Etsy seller designing bookmarks to match current popular reads or an author heading out on a book signing tour, foil bookmark printing is the best way to have your fans coming back for more.

Printed and finished to an exceptionally high standard, we pride ourselves on offering a customization range designed to match every bookish aesthetic. Ready to learn more about our foil bookmarks? Keep reading or bookmark this page!

Bookmark This: Fully Customisable Foil Bookmarks

Available on a range of curated paper stocks, from silk to recycled, colorplan to uncoated, we’ve got a foil-paper pairing to match every aesthetic. What’s more, we’ll even add our stunning soft touch laminate to your foil bookmark as standard, resulting in a gorgeously shiny, durable bookmark that’ll survive those days by the pool and long stints in a steamy bathroom! To see our premium materials, metallic foil colors, laminate, and additional finishes for yourself, we recommend ordering a sample pack.

Now, back to the all-important foil. From classic colors such as gold, rose gold, and silver, to modern and unique shades which include holographic, copper, and black chrome, if you’re matching your bookmarks to the cover of your newest novel, we’re bound to have a match! Want foil on both sides of your bookmark? We can do that, too. What’s more, we won’t limit you to the same foil color on the front and back. That’s right, you’re free to choose a different foil color for the front and rear of your bookmark if you’re opting for double-sided, giving it double the charm. Hey, we can even drill precise holes in your bookmarks allowing for your bookmark tassels.

Metallic Bookmark Printing: It’s All in the Design

If you’re an author with a cover artist, chances are you’re commissioning them to produce the artwork for your promotional metallic bookmarks too. If this is the case (or you’re designing your own!), we recommend working from our handy template, designed to ensure you’re working within our print bounds, and having a read of our article outlining the best way to supply your artwork for foil printing. Artwork ready to hit the presses? Send it over to us post-checkout and we’ll get a proof across to you, ensuring you’re 100% perfect with the way your metallic bookmarks are going to turn out before we hit ‘print’.

Need to recruit the help of one of our designers? Hit ‘Supply Brief & We Design’ on your way through to the checkout, place your order, and send us your detailed design brief. Your assigned designer will do their best to have the first proof copy of your design with you in as little as 1 working day, allowing you to request as many changes as you need before we hit ‘print’.

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Dispatched in as little as 4 working days from proof approval using 1-3 day delivery.

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I need my custom bookmark printing foil in a custom size, is this possible?

Absolutely! Working from our Yorkshire print shop, we ship UK-wide and are able to print your foil bookmarks in virtually any size. Our standard sizes match the bookmarks that you’re likely to have seen before, conventionally sized to fit paperbacks, hardbacks, and beyond. If you’re looking for custom-size metallic bookmark printing, we can print up to 210mm in height.

How many foil colours can I have on my bookmark?

If you’re looking for a company that knows how to make foil bookmarks with more than one foil color, you’ve in the right place. With our foil bookmark printing, we give you the option to print single or double-sided, with the option to print a different foil shade on each side if you opt for double-sided. Whether you want a different foil color for each book quote or want to use unique colors to reflect your book characters, we can foil one color on each side.

Can I print different bookmark designs in a single order?

When configuring your order above, you’ll notice that we’ve given you the option to split your order across as many designs as you need. As long as your bookmarks are the same size, paper type, and foil color, you can divide your order across multiple artworks.

What paper type is best for custom bookmark printing foil?

Above, we have narrowed down our curated picks for your foil bookmark. The collection includes silk, gloss, uncoated, recycled, and colorplan, perfect for matching any bookish aesthetic. To see our paper types for yourself before settling on the right one, we recommend ordering a sample pack.

Do my foil bookmarks need to be laminated?

Yes, they do. Sitting as an ultra-thin, smooth-as-butter layer between your print and foil layers, our soft-touch laminate is crafted to keep your foil shining bright and your bookmarks remaining durable for as long as you need them to.

Can you print my bookmarks with debossed foil?

The process of printing debossed foil is referred to as ‘hot foiling’, which isn’t available at The Foil Printing Co. We’ve spent many years perfecting the art of foil printing, and have found that digital (or flat) foiling provides the most seamless, premium effect when it comes to foil printing. Digital foiling results in a shimmering finish that’s completely flat and indistinguishable from the print itself, resulting in a high-quality, classy finish.

Artwork Requirements

The Basics

Allow 0.08" (2mm) of bleed around all artwork for cutting tolerances.

Format all artwork to CMYK.

Set your resolution to a minimum of 300DPI.

Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG or fully packaged AI formats.

Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 0.1" (3mm) safe zone from the cut edge.

Separate all foil elements from CMYK artwork, place foil elements on a separate page, and supply as 100% K (black). See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for foil printing.

Die Cut Or Kiss Cut (Shaped) Products Including Stickers

Indicate cut lines using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.

Folded, Perforated or Drilled Products

Indicate any crease lines, perforation lines or drill holes using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.


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Click the icon above to download our PDF template including all available sizes.

Sample Packs

Foil Printing Sample Pack