We’re Now Giving You More Color Options For Your Metallic Foil Printing Than Ever Before.

As The Foil Printing Co. celebrates its first year in business, we’re excited to announce our new expanded range of beautiful Colorplan papers by G.F Smith. Now we can offer you even more choices of colored cardstock with your metallic foil prints, all from a renowned brand that we believe are the best makers of colored paper in the industry.

This gives you even more freedom to create exactly what you need in your luxury prints, from metallic foil business cards to your dream wedding invitations – with more color-paper options than ever before.

And, with a steady supply of colored cardstock from such a reliable brand, this also means fewer delays when waiting for the papers you need! Take a look below at our new, expanded range of Colorplan papers:

Our new range of Colorplan colored cardstock options by G.F Smith

Why Did We Choose Colorplan Papers By G.F Smith?

Our range of colored card is designed for visual impact, and for that we rely on G.F Smith’s Colorplan paper. In our opinion, they’re the best colored papers available anywhere – and we believe that gives you, our customers, the best metallic foil prints.

In their own words, G.F Smith are the makers of the world’s finest papers. They supply a vast array of paper stock to multiple industries, with near-endless variations in color and paper thickness (for example their well-known sample book, Collection, is almost five inches thick with their full paper range).

With the sheer amount of high-quality papers available to us from G.F Smith, we picked the best of the best to form our new expanded Colorplan range – from vivid Citrine and intense Bright Red, to deep Sapphire, bold Forest green and night-black Ebony.

Our range of G.F Smith Colorplan papers, fanned out behind a close-up shot of Colorplan business cards in gold metallic foil print

Why Use Colored Cardstock With Metallic Foil Printing?

Effective prints don’t just draw people’s attention; they capture it. The very best use crisp design and gleaming metallic foil to stand out and get your message noticed. But most importantly, exceptional prints rely on exceptional color.

There are two ways of producing metallic foil prints with full-color backgrounds. The first method is to reproduce a colored background on plain paper, using printer ink or toner. The second way is to print the design directly onto colored paper.

Printed-color backgrounds on plain paper tend to be less impressive. They often result in flatter, less vibrant background tones, with characteristic white edges around your prints.

But printing directly onto colored paper creates backgrounds with a much more vivid effect – especially when combined with luxurious metallic foil. The results are gleaming, attention-grabbing prints, set onto richly colored paper, which complement their foiled design perfectly. Essentially, the best colored paper creates the best results… and this is why we print on Colorplan.

G.F Smith make their Colorplan paper using a combination of dyes and pigments. While their direct dyes seep right through the paper fibres, (giving you naturally colored edges throughout your prints,) pigments are also applied to sit on the paper’s surface. These pigments give the paper additional ‘bounce’ against the light, creating the vibrant finished colors you see.

Lastly, metallic foil printing creates a beautiful contrast against these colored backgrounds – which we believe creates the best-looking prints possible.

As well as standing out beautifully against lighter papers, metallic foil is perfect for bolder and darker backgrounds too. This is because our metallic foil actually sits on top of the paper and matt laminate layer, rather than merging into the colored card like ordinary inks and toners. Since they’re actually translucent, inks and toners can fade away into colored card, or become discolored against it. But this simply doesn’t happen with metallic foil – which gives you crisper, higher-contrast, more textured prints.

See Our Expanded Colorplan Range For Yourself!

With a wider range of GF Smith Colorplan papers, combined with our gleaming metallic foil, we’re now giving you more color options than ever before to create your perfect luxury prints.

Our expanded Colorplan range is available with all our foil prints, so just browse the site and take your pick from our new colored-card options when you place your order. Or, to see all our Colorplan card options for yourself, click below to get your Foil Printing Co. metallic foil sample pack!

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