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Frequently Asked Questions For Metallic Foil Printing

That's certainly the goal, but currently, our website can only process orders from the UK and United States of America. If you'd like to order from Europe, then please get in touch, and we can create you a bespoke quote.
Printing metallic foil items takes a lot of patience and cannot be rushed. That's why we give an estimate of around five days to print. You'll then need to add the delivery time on top of this estimate which is always within one to three days.
We have a blog post here that explains all of the differences as it would be too long for a few sentences. We use digital foil as we love the flexibility it gives us, it's also more cost friendly for customers.
The list of metallic foil colours we can print keeps on growing but right now we can foil in; Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Matte White, Holographic & Black Chrome.
No, that's what sets up apart from the competition, we let you foil whatever you want on your design as we don't need to create costly stamps. Sometimes it may be the case that the finish isn't possible, but in these scenarios, it wouldn't be possible from any foil printer.
Supplying your artwork is straightforward, all you need to do is reply to your order confirmation with your artwork attached or with a URL to download your artwork.
Setting up your artwork can be a little confusing if you've not set anything up to be printed with foil before. We've got a handy blog post here that talks you through how we need your artwork set up with an example foil business card.
We certainly can! We have designers in-house who set up customers artwork and also create designs from scratch. We never use templates, and we won't stop designing until you're 100% happy. Prices vary between products, so it's best to check the prices as you browse.
Well, we're guilty for tooting our own trumpet for how proud we are about the finish of our metallic foil print. The truth behind is that we've spent copious amounts of time and money perfecting our craft, searching for the best materials and tweaking our machines so that the quality is unmatched. It may be easy to imitate what we do, but matching it is something else.
We're proud of the fact we offer you many amazing paper thicknesses. Starting from your standard thickness at 250gsm / 10pt, some in the middle and a little thicker at 400gsm / 18pt, and the best is our ultra luxurious, double thick, 700gsm / 32pt.
We can foil on sheets up to 297×420mm / 11.6x16.5". We don't see it as limiting though as 99% of our metallic foil orders have never been too big.
Put simply, to get a clean and crisp looking foil, we need the smoothest surface possible. Paper texture varies batch to batch due to its natural makeup so laminating provides a consistently smooth texture. It's also essential in separating the printed and metallic foil layers so that only the parts you want to be foiled end up foiled.
We now have a sample pack that you can order online. Simpy click here to visit the page and add it to the basket.