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How To Order Your Metallic Foil Print

How To Order Your Metallic Foil Print
17 December 2018
How To Order Your Metallic Foil Print

A Guide On Ordering Metallic Foil Print

We know the world of print can sometimes be confusing. Partnered with ordering it all online we’ve made a quick guide to help you order your metallic foil print with us. If at any time you’re unsure or need help, we’re always a phone call or email away. So without any delay, let's order your metallic foil print.

Decide what metallic foil printed product you want  

Step 1 – Decide What Metallic Foil Printed Product You Want

The entire ordering process for purchasing your metallic foil print online has been meticulously thought through to make it user-friendly. The first step then would be to browse our website and decide what it is you’d like to purchase. You can view our entire range of products right here. If you can’t find what you need then get in touch and we can create a custom quote.

Price up your metallic foil print with our calculators  

Step 2 – Price Up Your Metallic Foil Print With Our Calculators

With our customers in mind, on every foiled product, there is a configuration calculator that lets you pick your options. It enables you to choose what colored foil you’d like, the size of your print, the thickness and more. These choices will calculate you a price instantly right there and then on the website. If you have a budget in mind, you can mix and match the different options to match what you’d like to spend.

Don’t forget design  

Step 3 – Don’t Forget Design

We don’t expect all our customers to be designers; actually, people who design their artwork are a smaller majority. We do, however, need you to choose if you’d like to supply your artwork (perhaps you have a friend who can do this for you) or want us to design you something from scratch. As we print everything in-house, we need files that are ready for print so we can save time and pass those savings on to you. If you choose for us to design your artwork, you’ll be asked to provide a design brief. If you’d like to supply your own, you can find a guide on how to do this right here.

Once you’re happy, add it to basket and checkout  

Step 4 – Once You’re Happy, Add It To Basket And Checkout

Once you’ve finalised your metallic foil printing options and artwork, the next thing to do is add your product to basket and checkout. If you’ve not shopped with us before, at this point you’ll be prompted to supply us all your details and create an account. The account lets you keep track of your orders. You can then securely pay through PayPal checkout. We don’t hold any of your payment details as PayPal does this for us.

Step 5 – Send Us Your Files Or Brief

Once you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email from us. This will confirm what you’ve bought, so it’s always good to give it a check over. If there are any mistakes, give us a message, and we can rectify it. To supply us your artwork or design brief, all you need to do is reply to your order confirmation email with them as an attachment. If the files are too big, you can always upload them and provide us with a URL to download the files.

Step 6 – Wait For A Proof

Printing with metallic foil is a detailed process, so we always proof your files and ask for the final go ahead. Checking the proof and its spellings is your responsibility, so take your time. Your artwork will be sent to print once you give confirmation. Unfortunately, after your approval, we can't make any more changes. If you paid for design and wanted to make changes, then reply to our designers with your thoughts. Sometimes it's not advisable to print what you wish. In these cases, our designers will be in touch to work out what we can do and work with you, so you’re happy.

Step 7 – Get Excited About Your Print

All you have to do now is wait; we think this is the hardest part. It usually takes around five days to print, then a further one to three days for delivery once your artwork is approved. When we post out your foil print, you’ll get an email with the tracking details on so you can get an idea when it will be arriving.

Step 8 – Unbox And Enjoy

that’s left to do is unbox and enjoy your amazing foiled print; this step is the most exciting. Seeing every design going through our print floor is fantastic, but if you’re super proud of your purchase, tag us on Instagram as we adore seeing pictures.