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Welcome, select your region

Welcome to The Foil Printing Co.. In order to provide you with the highest possible quality of service, please select which region you’d like to shop in. Don’t worry if you’re outside of these two options, just select the one nearest to you. You can always change this while browsing our site if you need.

UK & Europe

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United States

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Why do i need to select a region?

We print and ship orders mainly to the UK, USA and Europe. Each region has its own tax codes and shipping arrangements, which affects cost and turnaround time. Choosing the appropriate region for your country gives you the most accurate information and provides you with the best experience of our website.

Can I order foil print outside of these regions?

We can ship orders to any address in the UK, USA or Europe, but unfortunately we aren't able to deliver directly to customers outside of these regions. However, if you have access to a postal address within the UK, USA or EU then we can ship to there.

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch with our team by email at info@thefoilprintingco.com, or call us on (UK) 01484 429 303 or (USA) 1 855 364 5891 between the hours of 09:00-17:30 GMT, Monday to Friday.

I'd like a quote for foil printing

All our products feature a live order calculator, which generates an instant quote for your foil prints. Simply choose your region and browse our store for the prints you need, and you can then customise your print order to your personal preferences to receive an instant quote on our site.