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Metallic Foil Sticker Inspiration: Five Fantastic Uses

Metallic Foil Sticker Inspiration: Five Fantastic Uses
13 May 2019
Metallic Foil Sticker Inspiration: Five Fantastic Uses

5 Ways To Use Foil Stickers

We love stickers. They’re the special forces of printed stationery.

They’re tough. They’re useful. And arguably more versatile than any other paper out there. Stickers can hang in there for years, going unnoticed until they’re needed. They’re the unsung heroes of print. But no longer. Because we think stickers are ready for greater (and shinier) things. Enter: foil printing.

Our range of foil stickers on brown Kraft paper

About Foil Stickers

There are stickers, and then there are foil stickers. Which may not seem like much of a difference at first glance. But with eye-catching metallic foil, a glance is all it really takes for these guys to stand out.

Ordinary stickers are great for adding a touch of personal style, or getting your branding out there. But foil metallic stickers catch the light and draw the eye, adding that extra-special pop of attention.

And the thing with stickers is, they’re sticky. (Mind: blown.) That gives foil stickers tons of uses as attractive stationery, giving you precious-metal tones that jump off the paper – and adding that extra touch of elegance on everything they’re used for. So… what are foil stickers used for?

Intricate branded stickers for our clients, with design highlights printed in rose gold foil

Product Stickers, Address Labels And Quality Seals

Think of a poster tube or cardboard box. It’s dull. But imagine how it looks with just your logo on it, printed in striking metallic gold and silver foil. (Or blue, green, copper, pink… we’ve loads of metallic colours to choose from.) Point is, you’ve changed the context of that cardboard. It could look as confident as a Starbucks cup; iconic logo set proud against a sea of plain white. Your logo, done well, speaks for itself on any surface. And foil stickers are the perfect way to achieve that look.

Ideal for jars, bottles and gift boxes, foil stickers make spectacular product labels for all things high-end or homemade. The glint of metallic foil taps into a timeless style; an antique quality perfectly suited to consumables with a story to tell.

Custom Style For Your Tech

Foil stickers make equally striking additions for cutting-edge laptops and custom PC builds – whether you’re a first-class gamer, a tech supplier, or you just need something bespoke and beautiful to cover up that vanilla manufacturer’s logo.

The Foil Printing Co. logo as a gold foil sticker, sealing a brown envelope

Personalised Seals For Gifts And Envelopes

Want to add something extra-special to those gifts and envelopes for someone’s big day? Or maybe you love the idea of using wax seals on cards and letters, only without all that messiness? Foil sticker seals give you all the eye-popping elegance you’re looking for to celebrate special occasions, without any of the medieval meltiness – or the slightly prohibitive cost of real gold.

Bespoke Stickers

Did you ever get a gold star in school? For kids, it’s a big deal. But imagine getting a bespoke star with your name on it, or a special sticker for good work – featuring your favourite cartoon character, etched in gleaming blue or pretty rose gold. Custom foil stickers could make your kids’ entire day – or at least until the next toy or playground drama, anyway.

Small Companies, Big Branding

Think about one of the world’s top brands – and how they stay at the top. When you buy Apple products, you get free Apple stickers. It’s a simple way to get more eyes on their brand, effectively multiplying Apple’s presence in homes, offices, universities… pretty much anywhere a fan wants to place that sticker.

Apple’s a colossal brand. But they’re also using some marketing methods that even the smallest startup could emulate to promote their company. What’s to stop you trying the same marketing tactics with your own brand, by including a couple of gleaming foil stickers with every purchase?

Our metallic foil stickers are available in tons of attention-grabbing colors, in any shape and printed design you can dream of. Their reflective quality naturally draws the eye, helping you stand out wherever you use them – be it on labels, tech or branded giveaways, or anything in between.

And, since they’re coated with our special matt laminate finish, they’re also hard-wearing and super-smooth, giving even more shine on those eye-grabbing metallic highlights.

Want to know more about our foil color range, and our free sample pack? Click here for more good reading!