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What Does Foil Printing Mean

What Does Foil Printing Mean
23 August 2020
What Does Foil Printing Mean

What Is Foil Printing?

Foil printing is the process of adding shiny metallic colors to marketing materials such as business cards, booklets, flyers or product tags. It adds an amazing luxurious finish that catches the eye. We have a large range of different colored foils we can apply to papers including gold, silver, bronze, copper and rose gold. We can even print a holographic foil option which diffracts the light to reflect different colors of the spectrum at different angles. To see our full range of colors that we use, visit our article : What colors can we foil?

What Are The Foil Printing Methods?

There are three foil printing techniques: Hot Foil Stamping, Cold Foiling and Digital Foil Printing. All of these methods transfer foil onto flat surfaces to create a lustrous finish that reflects the light.

Which Foil Printing Technique Has The Best Finish?

hot stamping and digital foiling comparison

In our experience, digital foiling creates a much smoother and even foil surface which reflects more light and therefore looks shinier. It is also much better at printing intricate details than hot stamping which you can see above.

Hot stamping debosses the material and creates a slightly textured finish. Because of this, hot foil stamping doesn’t appear as reflective or shiny. Also, the bespoke stamping plates are not able to print intricate details very well. Fine lines or patterns may end up looking like they have blended together.

CNC drill


To read all the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques and how they work, see our article: How Does Foil Printing Work? The article explains that a CNC drill is used to manufacture bespoke stamping plates for each design. Whereas modern methods such as digital foiling are much faster.  

What Is Foil Printing Used For?

The process was originally invented for embellishing book covers, but the technology has evolved to become a quick and effective way to add sophistication to business stationery, wedding invitations and product tags.

It is one of the most effective ways to enhance your brand or embellish your artwork. In fact, it is so versatile that it has many uses, it’s not limited to just marketing materials and wedding stationery.

Adding Foil To Card, Paper And Stickers

We foil print onto card, paper and labels to produce products such as foil stickers, product tags, packaging labels, greeting cards, foil menus, brochures and leaflets. Let’s take a look at our large range of cardstock, paperstock and labels and a typical example for card, paper and foil labels. 

Foil Invitations

gold foil invitation patterns

We have a wide range of colors including red, blue, pink and green which are used to add a touch of shine to an invitation design. Black foil wedding invitations are becoming increasingly popular, either with a contrasting background or with gold foil lettering.

Silver, bronze, copper and rose gold invitations are also a favourite with wedding planners because they can enhance any wedding theme or design.

Colour Core printing colors


We have many custom foil printing combinations and our online configurators let you pick which paper type you would like for your invitation. The paper options include conqueror textured paper, a recycled paper option and a range of colors and finishes. We also foil print onto colour core paper which has a colored stripe that is visible from the edge. See our article about Colour Core Printing to find out more.

Foil Business Cards

Foil business cards are a typical example of a card product. They can also double up to make other products such as loyalty cards. They are available in a large range of colors and paper choices. The reflective shine can be integrated into the graphics to make an eye-catching design or it can be used to make the writing or logos stand out. 

This is an example of our gold foil business cards printed on conqueror textured paper. We include gold and other colored foils inour foil sample packs.

 foil business cards



These business cards are particularly popular with premium brands who want to make their business card look more luxurious. Customers frequently add soft touch lamination to their order for a soft, velvety feel. After all, a business card could be one of the first interactions that a potential customer has with your brand.

Our sample pack also includes an example of our holographic business cards which shine in different colors depending on how the light hits it, making an irresistible and unusual look.

Foil Stickers

foil stickers in different colors

We can print custom foil stickers and labels to help customers with print projects that include fun stickers, foil packaging stickers, foil floor stickers and window stickers. We can print stickers and labels individually, but most customers prefer sheets of stickers. In addition to rectangular and square stickers, we can also print custom shape metallic stickers. For inspiration and different uses, check out our article foil sticker inspiration

We have the largest range of colors and paper types, giving you over 300 print combinations to choose from. You can also order a foil sample pack to see our colored foils for inspiration.  

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