You Asked We Listened; Colored Cardstock Is Now Available

After many requests, we're finally excited to announce that we now sell a great range of beautifully colored cardstock. We've added these to all our products, so you now have the choice to choose them for business cards, invites and anything else where you want a pure solid color as your background.

What Colored Cardstock Do You Offer?

We know that our customers print with us for the wow factor. That's why our thought process was so meticulous going into selecting what colored cardstock we offer. We aimed to complement the luxury aspect of metallic foil printing. So without any more delay, below are the colors we offer.

Colored cardstock we offer

Using Metallic Foil Print On Colored Cardstock

Metallic foil print is an ideal way to add additional texture and visual appeal to your artwork. Adding a metallic foil to coloured cardstock can make it appear more valuable and unique. Metallic business cards and invites are prevalent and effective as they do a great job of being impactful.

Why Use A Colored Card For Printing?

Our colored card is great for drawing attention to your work and making it stand out. It also saves on time and ink, as the background color runs through the entire card. Additionally, this means there are no white edges along the side of your print which results in a fabulous, vibrant finish. No grey, poor quality backgrounds or low-quality colors. Just bold, vivid and impactful color.

What Colors Will Print On The Different Color Cardstock?

We often get asked this question. The first thing you need to know is that inks are translucent however metallic foil is opaque. Knowing this, we can then say that the color of the surface you print on will change how the toner appears. Even on a light cream paper, the tone of the card will alter the color of the print slightly. The same cannot be said for metallic foil print however as that is opaque and ignores any surface behind it.

Generally, the darker the color of the card, the more that card will influence the outcome of the ink color and its visibility. So, on darker shades of cardstock, consider black ink, or if it's too dark, the best choice would be a metallic foil that will ‘sit’ on the color; rather than blending into it.