Metallic Foil Flyers Will Put Your Event In The Limelight


Using foil flyers is one of the best ways to make your product launch or grand opening a success, helping you to hit the ground running. Read on to find out how you can make a good first impression with a few flyer design tricks. 

5 Ways To Enhance Your Event Branding With Foil Flyer Printing

#1 Make An Eye-Catching Design With Foil

gold foil flyer

Successful branding is first and foremost a visual experience. The dazzling reflective elements shine in the light to create an eye-catching flyer design. You can use it as part of a bold contrasting background as you can see in the gold foil flyer example above. Alternatively, you can use just a touch of metallic in your background design to create a high-end look as seen below. Foil printed event flyers are ideal for elevating your design for a premium product launch, a high-profile networking conference or an event that you want to be perceived as luxurious or exclusive. 

#2 Make Your Event Flyer Look More Luxurious

luxury products rose gold color flyer

Your event flyer will often be the first interaction that a potential customer has with your brand. So you need to give them a good first impression if you want to persuade them to attend your event or your grand opening. Above, you can see that the metallic elements have finished off the design to make them look more luxurious. 

As you can see in the first two examples, metallic colors are so versatile that they can be incorporated into different styles. We have the largest range of colors and paper types, giving you over 300 print combinations to choose from. This means that you are not limited when designing a flyer in a certain style, trend, season or brand image. It can always be used to enhance your graphic design to impress your potential customers. Popular metallic colors include rose gold, copper, gold and silver foil flyers.

#3 Emphasize Your Main Event Attractions On Your Flyer

Whether you are targeting existing customers or potential visitors, it can be used to draw attention to special guests to show why it is a ‘must-attend’ event.

The writing reflects the light and shines brightly to grab the reader’s attention and quickly reinforce why they should attend. This technique is great for emphasizing guest speakers or headline acts. It is also used for other types of event promotions such as posters and event invitations

#4 Foil Printed Logos On Promotional Materials 

Gold foil flyers

Foil printing logos makes them stand out on your promotional materials. There are a wide range of dazzling reflective colors so you are not limited to choosing metallic. You can have red, pink, satin white, green and blue foil flyers. Sponsor logos can be added to your flyer in gold. If you wanted to show different levels of sponsorship, gold, silver and bronze could be used on your design. You can even use this technique for your own logo. The reflective colors can be incorporated into your design with your brand colors to enhance your design. 

#5 Holographic Foil Flyers Add An Extra Dimension


holographic foil flyer

We also have a range of specialist colors such as holographic foil flyers which works with any brand colors to create a high-end reputation. As the light bounces off the surface and diffracts so it shines brightly in different colors of the spectrum at different angles. Check out a video of the holographic printing process in our blog article: How Does Foil Printing Work? 

We pride ourselves on unrivalled customisation options, outstanding customer service and high quality products. In addition to flyers, we also produce foil stickers, tickets, menus, tags, foil invitations and vouchers, which you might need for your upcoming events.

If you would like to see how the foil colors will look on your event flyer, you can order a foil sample pack.