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Metallic Foil Folded Invite Printing

  • Order your invitations pre-folded and post-box ready!
  • Browse our innovative fold types, including bi-fold, tri-fold, and gatefold
  • See all of our shimmering foil shades by ordering a metallic foil sample pack

In the world of event invitations, it’s hard to deny that metallic foil folded invitations are the epitome of luxury and elegance. With an enormous range of curated paper stocks along with a huge selection of metallic foil shades, we’re guaranteed to have the perfect combination to match your event theme.

Using the latest technology to ensure a premium, long-lasting finish, our metallic foil printing process involves a careful layering of print, ultra-thin lamination, and foil embellishments, resulting in a foil-folded invitation that has your guests jumping for joy.

Stay in the Fold

At The Foil Printing Co., we’ve worked hard for the best part of a decade to 100% perfect the art of digital foiling. With the option to choose from a range of foil shades including gold, silver, copper, holographic, and more, we’re almost certain when we say we’ve got a shade to match your event aesthetic. Whether that’s black chrome to match your monochromatic theme or glittering green to match your botanical bash, we specialise in customisation. Want to see our paper stocks, foils, and specialist finishes for yourself? Why not head over to our sample pack order page!

In addition to our stunning metallic embellishments, we offer a range of fold styles to choose from, including bi-fold, tri-fold, and gate-fold, with the option to utilise a different foil shade on each side. The invitation size can also be customized to suit your specific needs, making it perfect for wedding, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

The People Behind the Printing

With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee that your metallic foil folded invitations will leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, our customer service, design, print, and finishing teams work hard to ensure every single printed invitation is event ready, with stringent quality control in place to hand-check each individual invitation before they make their way to you.

What’s more, our design team is here to help you get your design right, whether you want us to design it for you or not. For those who want to design their own foil-folded invitation, our designers have put together a handy guide to supplying foiled artwork, along with a handy template, creating the perfect get-started design package just for you. If you want to team up with one of our designers, simply select ‘supply brief & we design’ on your way through to the checkout, place your order, and send us your design brief. Easy as that!

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How do I supply my artwork for foil-folded invitation printing?

Firstly, we recommend downloading our design template, designed to ensure your artwork stays within the bounds of our safe zones, allowing enough bleed and preventing any unwanted cropping. From there, you’ll need to separate all CMYK and foil elements onto their own artboard/page, allowing 2mm of bleed for cutting tolerances. All artwork will need formatting to CMYK, with your resolution set to a minimum of 3000DPI. Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG, packaged AI, or EPS formats and keep all text, logos, and foreground images within a 0.1” (3mm) margin from the edge of the page. If you have any queries when it comes to setting up your artwork for foil printing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Do I have to have laminate on my folded foil invitations?

While we don’t like to impose selections on you, soft-touch lamination is a must when it comes to most foil-printed products, foil-folded invitations included. Sandwiched between your print and foil layer, our soft touch laminate is incredibly thin and works as a protective top coat that helps your foil shine bright while ensuring maximum durability. To see (and feel) our laminate for yourself, we recommend ordering a sample pack.

Will I be able to write on my folded foiled invitations?

Of course! If you’re only opting for metallic foil on the outside of your folded invitation, you’re welcome to keep the inside free of laminate, making it easy to write on with a standard ballpoint pen. If you want to write on a side that has metallic foil, however, you will want to do a bit of pen testing. Our lamination may make handwriting with certain pens a little tricky, so we recommend either testing your pens out on some of our samples or ordering a few extra copies of your invites to give you a few to test your new pens on.

Which paper should I choose?

The paper types for this product have all been curated and tested in-house, meaning they all provide stunning results when it comes to foil-folded invitations. Paper choice is entirely down to the overall vibe of your event, so we recommend ordering a sample pack to help you decide between our silk, gloss, uncoated, recycled, and colorplan stocks.

Can you design my foil-folded invitations for me?

Absolutely! We have an in-house team of design experts ready to start work on your folded foiled invitations. To team up with our designers, simply place your order and send us your design brief. From there, you can expect the first proof copy of your folded foil invitation design in your inbox in as little as 1 working day, allowing you to suggest any changes you need your designer to make.

Can I choose more than one foil colour?

Yes, but only if you want foil on the inside an outside of your folded invitations. In short, we cannot apply more than one foil colour to a single side, however, we can apply a different colour to the outer and inner, meaning you can choose up to 2 foil shades for double-sided foil printing.

Artwork Requirements

The Basics

Allow 2mm of bleed around all artwork for cutting tolerances.

Format all artwork to CMYK.

Set your resolution to a minimum of 300DPI.

Supply your artwork in PDF, JPG or fully packaged AI formats.

Keep all text, logos and foreground images within a 3mm safe zone from the cut edge.

Separate all foil elements from CMYK artwork, place foil elements on a separate page, and supply as 100% K (black). See our helpful guide about how to supply artwork for foil printing.

Die Cut Or Kiss Cut (Shaped) Products Including Stickers

Indicate cut lines using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.

Folded, Perforated or Drilled Products

Indicate any crease lines, perforation lines or drill holes using a 1pt magenta line on a separate layer or separate page.


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Sample Packs

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