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Metallic Foil Printing, What Colours Can We Foil?
4 February 2020
Metallic Foil Printing, What Colours Can We Foil?

Largest Range Of Foil Colours For Printing

Here at The Foil Printing Co., we pride ourselves on offering you the very best options for metallic foil print. With an ever-growing swatch of colours, we continue to grow, research and fine-tune new foils, so we're always at the forefront of metallic print.

Our Current Metallic Foiling Options Consist Of:

Rose Gold Metallic Foil Print

Rose Gold Metallic Foil

Tone: Our rose gold is pale in tone sitting more towards the warm end of the scale rather than a harsh pink or purple — a very natural colour that has a healthy glow when under harsh lighting making it easy to read.

Suitable uses: Rose gold is a very versatile colour, and we see it used a lot for beauty products, wedding invites and lifestyle businesses.

Rose Gold Metallic Foil Business Cards
Rose Gold Metallic Foil Flyers
Rose Gold Metallic Foil Invites

Gold Metallic Foil Print

Gold Metallic Foil

Tone: Many metallic gold foils tend to be dull and unsaturated. We’re delighted to say our gold foil is a much warmer and realistic gold hue that has legible golden shades when not reflecting yet a very inviting liquid gold when under the light that you’d think is real gold.

Suitable uses: Gold has a very inviting charm to it, so we tend to recommend this to customers that want to start a friendly dialogue with their customers. Very popular for invitations, product tags, and surprisingly many small bespoke businesses.

Gold Metallic Foil Business Cards
Gold Metallic Foil Flyers
Gold Metallic Foil Invites

Copper Metallic Foil Print

Copper Metallic Foil

Tone: Similar to our gold foil, our metallic copper foil is a very cosy tone. Think about the shades put out by candlelight in a wood cabin. Snug, toasty casts of orange under the sun and brown when not. Sounds amazing right? It looks it.

Suitable uses: If your print revolves around a rustic or arcadian theme then copper is a fantastic choice. It works very well when combined with darker shades such as racing green or burgundy. Great for business cards and popular on restaurant menus.

Copper Metallic Foil Business Cards
Copper Metallic Foil Flyers
Copper Metallic Foil Invites

Silver Metallic Foil Print

Silver Metallic Foil

Tone: Our silver foil in a few words is elegant and nothing short of radiant. It’s incredibly reflective and under direct light will mirror the hue coming at it. Silver leans more towards the cooler end of the spectrum and is excellent if you want a clean look.

Suitable uses: We see silver used a lot of business cards for professionals such as exotic car dealers, dentists and lawyers. It works very well when used with a dark contrasting background such as black or navy.

Silver Metallic Foil Business Cards
Silver Metallic Foil Flyers
Silver Metallic Foil Invites

Red Metallic Foil Print

Red Metallic Foil

Tone: Our metallic red is dramatically vivid and hard to miss. It's neither warm or cold and sits in the middle with a high-level of saturation. With no light it appears as a deep oxblood red and in well-lit environments is a vivid red that jumps off the paper.

Suitable uses: Red is another popular choice for business cards and is a familiar choice for construction, entertainment and seasonal businesses. It’s also embraced as a go-to option for greetings cards.

Red Metallic Foil Business Cards
Red Metallic Foil Flyers
Red Metallic Foil Invites

Blue Metallic Foil Print

Blue Metallic foil

Tone: Akin to the colour shifts of red, our metallic blue foil is chameleon in shades. It can shift from an amazing deep-sea blue when not in direct light to an inspiring and trust evoking royal blue when reflecting the light.

Suitable uses: Blue is one of our rarer choices of foil, but we love when it comes time to put it on our machine. We’ve done everything from business cards for legal advisers to window cleaners. Blue foil print is an excellent choice If your business involves, air, water or an element of trust.

Blue Metallic Foil Business Cards
Blue Metallic Foil Flyers
Blue Metallic Foil Invites

Green Metalic Foil Print

Green Metallic Foil

Tone: Our green foil leans more towards a calm tone, but it’s got an incredible emerald green shine that’s deep and vivid. When dancing in the light, it can change from deep forest green to bright chartreuse in an instant.

Suitable uses: Green has connotations with nature, health and youth but other applications can be for holiday greetings cards. It’s hard to put green down for a specific product as it’s versatile but a few examples are for a fitness instructor business card and menus for a vegan café.

Green Metallic Foil Business Cards
Green Metallic Foil Flyers
Green Metallic Foil Invites

Pink Metallic Foil Print

Pink Metallic Foil

Tone: Similar to rose gold, our pink foil is a little less in your face and more of a dusty pink shade than a hot pink. It has a great shine and colour shifts from a deeper pink in low light to a understated dusty pink under illumination. If you’re looking for a foil other than rose gold, this is a good choice.

Suitable uses: Pink foil lends itself more to feminine professions and much like rose gold we see it used a lot in the beauty, health, hair and fitness fields.

Pink Metallic Foil Business Cards
Pink Metallic Foil Flyers
Pink Metallic Foil Invites

Purple Metallic Foil Print

Purple Metallic Foil

Tone: We certainly can’t downplay how vivid and saturated this colour is. It has a great vibrancy and colour shifts from a deep purple in low light to a bright hot pink/purple under illumination. If you’re looking to stand out, this is a great option.

Suitable uses: Purple foil lends itself more to feminine professions but is equally loud enough to stand out on dark backgrounds.

Purple Metallic Foil Business Cards
Purple Metallic Foil Flyers
Purple Metallic Foil Invites

Satin White Foil Print

Satin White Foil

Tone: Satin white foil has a non-metallic, satin appearance and because of this is ideal for using alongside our slection of coloured paper from the G.F Smith Colorplan range. It means you get the full impact of the coloured card with a understated satin white finish on your text or design.

Suitable uses: Satin white foil is best used on coloured paper to achieve the greatest results as this is its intended use. We also recommend avoiding white foil on large solid areas or intricate text and details. If you plan on using white foil over designs that could just allow the white of the paper to show through, we'd say use a different foil such as silver or black chrome instead. Our best advice would be to order a sample pack and see exactly what white foil looks like so you can make an informed decision.

Satin White Foil Business Cards
Satin White Foil Flyers
Satin White Foil Invites

Black Chrome Foil Print

Black Chrome Foil

Tone: In short, it's a black chrome look. It has subtle blue and purple hues to it along with a slight pearlescent look. Under bright light it can look silver and slowly fade to black in the shadows.

Suitable uses: Similar to the satin white, black chrome is on the other end of the spectrum and works well on any design. We've seen people use it on black card for a black on black look at it looks very professional.

Holographic Foil Print

Holographic Foil

Tone: Every colour of the rainbow really. It diffuses light in different colours depending on what angle you look at it. In one direction it can look like silver with blue/purple tones and at another with yellow and red.

Suitable uses: We see this used a lot on beauty designs along with more modern approaches to business cards. It has a bit of a 90s vibe which is popular with younger generations.

Holographic Metallic Foil Business Cards
Holographic Metallic Foil Flyers
Holographic Metallic Foil Invites

Let's Wrap This Up

So, there we have it, our full range of metallic foils that we can print. We’re always expanding our offerings so we'll update this page as and when we bring out new colours. If you have a specific need and it’s not listed here then get in touch with us as we may be able to get hold of what you need.

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