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The world of print and VAT can often be confusing. Sometimes VAT is charged and sometimes not depending on what product you purchase and sometimes your artwork. To make it clear these few points will explain how and why we charge VAT.

Do you charge VAT?

To be transparent, everything sold on The Foil Printing Co. will be charged VAT.

Is VAT included in the prices I see on product pages?

VAT is not included in the prices you see on product pages, this will be charged once you reach the checkout.

Why do you charge VAT?

We have to charge VAT on every product we list as they are laminated and foiled. According to the rules set out by HMRC, anything that is laminated or intended to be kept (i.e. not thrown away after a period such as an advertising flyer) is applicable to be charged VAT.

Just because we charge VAT does not mean that we can't provide trade and business services. This will not affect your ability to claim VAT back from HMRC.