Explaining Our Folded Print Layouts

Folded flyers. We love them here at The Foil Printing Co. But did you know that there’s many different types of folded flyer – not just the simple half fold.

We’ve decided that now is the right time to take an in depth look at each of our unique fold types. How does each type of flyer work? What makes them all different? And most importantly, how can you pick the right print finishes to get the best results from your foil folded flyer?

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to confidently pick the correct type of folded flyer for your business from our incredible selection.

We’ve Updated Our Print Options: Side A Vs Side B

Recently at The Foil Printing Co, we gave our foil folded flyers a bit of a refresh. Now, instead of being tied to one special finish throughout your entire folded flyer, we’ve given you the option to customise the finishes on Side A and Side B.

With the addition of Side A and Side B to our print options, it’s important for you to know which is which. After all, you’ll be wanting to know where each of your unique foil colors or metallic inks will be applied.

Side by side comparision of Side A and Side B with half fold flyer

The easiest way to know where Side A and Side B will be is to imagine your folded flyer unfolded, lying completely flat on a table. All the connecting pages on one side will be Side A and the remaining pages on the other side will be Side B.

So, let’s take a tour around our different fold types to see where Side A and Side B will end up once your flyer has been folded.

Beginner Level: The Half Fold

The first type of fold we’re going to cover is the easiest to get your head round – the half fold. A half fold lives up to its namesake and simply folds in half along a single crease line. Other properties of the half fold include:

• Once folded, all 4 pages are the exact same size.

• Available as portrait, landscape or square.

• One crease line down the center.

Side A and Side B birthday card design half fold

Side A and Side B on the half fold is pretty straightforward. Side A is always the outer cover (the print showing on the outside once folded) and Side B is always the inner pages (the print on the inside once folded).

Intermediate Level: The Gatefold

Next up on our folded flyer tour is the gatefold. Our gatefold flyers are a popular choice for wedding invitations due to their unique quality of opening up almost like a set of doors. Gatefold flyers are available as both an open and closed gatefold, the difference being that the open gatefold folds inwards once and the closed gatefold folds inwards again a second time.

• Once folded, all pages are not the same size.

• Available as portrait.

• Two crease lines for the open gatefold and three crease lines for the closed gatefold.

Side A and Side B wedding invite design open gate fold

Whether you choose the open gatefold or the closed gatefold, Side A will always appear on the outside, and Side B will always appear on the inside once your gatefold flyer is folded.

Advanced Level: The Roll Fold

Within our folded flyer options, we have two flyers that look very similar when laid flat on a table – the zig zag and the roll. Although these two flyers look the same flat, each has a completely different end appearance when folded together.

We’ll first cover the roll fold.

This type of flyer rolls inwards onto itself, with the outermost left-hand panel becoming the innermost panel. As this flyer essentially wraps around itself, the end page is slightly smaller than the others to let the flyer fold easily.

• Once folded, all pages are not the same size.

• Available as landscape or portrait.

• Choose between 6 pages and 8 pages.

• 6 page has two crease lines, 8 page as three crease lines.

Side A and Side B space museum design 6 page roll fold

The number of pages that your roll fold has does not affect the end result of Side A and Side B. All the inner pages, once folded, will be Side B. And Side A will always be the front page, the back page, and the remaining inner pages.

Expert Level: The Zigzag Fold

Zigzag folded flyers fold right-left-right, almost like an accordion or letter Z. Unlike the roll fold, all the pages are the same size as they don’t need to be adjusted to slot together. The number of pages within a zigzag fold does affect whether Side A or Side B appears on the back cover when folded.

• Once folded, all the pages are the same size.

• Available as landscape or portrait.

• Choose between 6 pages and 8 pages.

• 6 page has two crease lines, 8 page has three crease lines.

Side A and Side B sports design 6 page zig zag fold

Our 6 page zigzag leaves Side A as the front page and Side B as the back page once everything is folded together. This is incredibly important to remember if you are deciding on having two completely different print finishes on Side A and Side B, as both will show on the outside once the flyer is folded.

Side A and Side B sports design 8 page zig zag fold

The 8 page zig zag is a little easier, with side B containing only inner pages, and Side A containing the front and back cover, along with the remaining inner pages.

From Apprentice To Folded Flyer Master, It’s Time To Pick Your Folded Flyers

We’ve come to the end of our folded flyer tour. Hopefully, after all the above, you should have a much clearer idea of which type of folded flyer will be best for you. And more importantly, which options you should select on Side A and Side B to get the most out of your designs.

If you do find yourself still feeling slightly lost or just want to have a chat about our different folded flyers, why not get in touch with a member of our team.