Colour Core Card Has A Colored Central Layer

Colour Core is our range of heavyweight, double-sided printing card with a thick colored layer at its centre. Perfect for metallic foil flyers, invites and business cards, it uses vivid colored papers sandwiched between outer sheets of smooth blank paper. Colour Core gives you a choice of over thirty vibrant tones to match your brand, and forms an extra-thick central spine for your prints.

With a combined weight of 800gsm our Colour Core is an extremely thick premium card stock, giving your prints a heavier, high-end effect that other card types really just don’t come close to. Finished off with bright metallic foil and matt lamination, we’ll make sure that your prints look and feel fantastic – and match you (or your brand) perfectly.

Our range of colored papers arranged at their corners in a sequence of chevrons

Colour Core Printing Card: How It’s Made

Our Colour Core card is assembled by hand, by bonding together four sheets of paper to create the finished thickness. Really we can use it to make any type of foiled item you need, provided that your prints don’t need to be creased or folded. Its most popular uses are for metallic foil business cards, but we’ve also created luxury foiled flyers and thank-you cards with colored cores too.

We create our Colour Core card to order, with absolute focus on finished quality. While your artwork's being set up, our production team will create your Colour Core printing card manually using the best papers in the industry – including G.F. Smith Colorplan paper. The front and back are made using smooth white 160gsm paper, while the middle uses a double-thick layer of 480gsm colored card. The resulting weight and thickness creates a rigid, luxury printing material that will physically help your metallic foil invite or business card to stand out from the rest.

After printing and metallic foiling, every Colour Core product you order will be trimmed and checked for finished quality. The result is a versatile, high-impact print product that stands at over double the depth and weight of other business cards. A physically weightier print gets noticed, makes a more memorable impression, and differentiates you from the pack – and that’s exactly what can put more attention on you or your brand. Combined with metallic foil printing to one or both sides of your design, the end result is practically engineered to get you noticed.

A lineup of black and white foil-printed cards we've printed for some of our customers, featuring gold, holographic and rose gold foil printing

Why Choose Colour Core Card?

Your business cards need to get noticed, so we designed Colour Core card to stand out. Using extra-thick card, and a middle layer to show off your brand color, they can attract your clients’ attention from anywhere in the deck.

Colour Core card also gives you the same blank front and back as any standard business card, so you’re absolutely free to print any custom design you like – and also add some spectacular metallic foiling, to really put some attention on your prints.

Colour Core is a luxury card stock, specially designed to make a lasting impression. With such a wide range of colors to choose from, you can personalise your prints down to the last detail – from the front and back of your cards to special laminates and foiling options, and now even the paper’s central core.

Premium brands always benefit from luxury finishes, and this is where Colour Core card really comes into its own – because a high-quality card will always show your product or service in its best light.

Super close-up of our blue Colour Core blank business cards, standing out in the middle of an all-white-sided deck of business cards as viewed from the side

Interested In Colour Core Printing?

Add a splash of color to your personal foil prints, or put your brand out in front with the thickest, most prominent business card your recipients will ever see. We’d love to show you what our Colour Core card can do for your luxury stationery. If you’re interested in our Colour Core option, just get in touch with our team to find out more – or simply select the Colour Core finish when you place your order.