Metallic Foil Letterhead Printing

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At The Foil Printing Co. we can print your foil letterhead with a number of amazingly shiny metallic foils. Our foil embossed letterheads will dazzle and catch the eyes of your clients as soon as they receive correspondence from you. Creating foiled letterheads that speak loud and clear about your commitment to quality is simple, and we've made it as simple as possible to order your foil letterhead online in a matter of minutes. With over 30 hand-picked paper types for your luxury foil letterheads, including Conqueror Contour and G.F Smith Colorplan, not only will the foil look amazing, but the paper that your use for your foil letterheads will too.

Digital Foil Printing Letterhead

With our foil letterheads, we take advantage of a digital foil printing technique that allows us to print in over 10 metallic foil shades and also combine it with CMYK print. So, no matter if you want a gold foil letterhead with black print, or a rose gold logo on your letterhead, we can facilitate that for you in a fraction of the timeframe compared to foil embossed letterheads

Foil Blocked Letterheads

Here at The Foil Print Co., we offer unrivalled customisation with the options you need. We can print single or double-sided foil letterheads with a wide range of paper sizes. Creasing and rounded corners are all elements you can select when you order foil letterhead online. If you need assistance with your artwork or design, don’t hesitate to contact one of our skilled and friendly team.